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Why should you invest in Birmingham in 2022?

For a few years now, Birmingham has sat high on the list of top places for property investment. Its fast growth and expanding economy has made it attractive to young professionals, families, students, and most importantly buy-to-let investors.

Even in 2022, Birmingham’s evolution into the UK’s “second capital” shows no sign of slowing down. According to reports, over 18,000 people moved from London to the West Midlands during 2020 and when looking at what Birmingham offers, it is easy to see why.

- Voted most entrepreneurial city with more start ups and businesses than any other city outside of London

- Employment growth of 5.5% over last 5 years

- It has the highest growth in wages throughout the UK

- Hosts of Commonwealth Games in 2022 attracting 1 million visitors and creating 4500 additional jobs

- One of the UK’s greenest cities with over 8000 acres of parkland and green space

- In the top 3 of most visited cities for shopping

- Most Michelin star restaurants outside of London

- Voted best quality of life

- Five universities which produce 80,000 graduates each year – with just under 50% remaining living in the city - Ofsted rated primary schools near 94% of homes

- £300 million expansion of Birmingham Airport

- £150 million redevelopment of New Street Station to Grand Central Station

So is Birmingham still a good investment in 2022?

Young professionals (under 35) attracted by the career opportunities and available amenities that Birmingham offers represent a large and growing long-term rental market. The need for regular additions to available buy-to-let properties means that the average rental yields in the city are trending higher than most other cities in the UK.

According to the latest Location Spy reports for Birmingham, these rental yields currently sit around 5.1-5.3%, with forecasted returns averaging at over 6%.

Want to know more about the investment potential in Birmingham? Search multiple postcodes and discover all you need to know about the city – from typical property prices, rental yields, and capital gain – with Location Spy.

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