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The North West Battle – Where Should You Invest?

There seems to be buy-to-let battle raging in the North West in 2022, and investors will be keeping a close eye on developments.

It has been long been considered that Manchester has reigned supreme when it comes to property investment. Often topping the “Best places to invest” lists of previous years, it has recently been knocked off top spot by Bristol.

However, there seems to be a new challenger for the crown of property hotspot in the North West – Liverpool.

There has been a surge of regeneration projects throughout the area, with millions being invested in areas such as Alfred Dock and Liverpool Waters and major developments have been popping up across the city – we even named it as one to watch in a recent post.

Recent figures from our new free tool Location Spy lists apartments and terraces in Liverpool properties as having the potential for a five year return on investment of over 31%, compared to just 13% in central Manchester.

But is Manchester really ready to give up its property investment crown?

It is easy to see why it has been holding tight to the top spot over the past few years. It is the largest economic area outside of London, and has a thriving tech, digital, and start-up scene. Match that with the nightlife, facilities, schools and excellent transport links, it has become on of the top places to live for students, young professionals and growing families.

Although Bristol seems to be the new darling of property investors, Manchester is still holding strong.

Turning to Location Spy, figures suggest there is still money to be made there, with gross yield sitting around 7.5% (depending on the area) compared to around 6.2% in Liverpool.

It is set to be an interesting twelve months ahead in the battle for the North West – with investors set to become the winners!

Want to find out what areas are the best to invest in the North West? Request your free Location Spy reports now.

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