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Track and assess all your properties
and prospects in one site  

BellPepper Portfolio is your personalised property manager, that provides you with a full view of your existing and prospective UK property investments.

Track the performance of your current properties with ease. Manage the search and evaluation of new investments using our custom-designed tools.

Image by Scott Graham

Buy-to-let remains one of the most popular types of investment. Why?


Owning several properties as a landlord will help you to create the passive income you are looking for. And there are many people that have achieved financial freedom via this way of investing. The dream of many people. The reality of some.

Image by Carlos Muza

However, understanding how the property market works and following up on how your properties are performing relative to your other investments can be difficult and time-consuming. 

If you already own one or more properties, you know how much time it takes to track your expenses and ultimately your returns. This is why keeping this process as simple as possible can save you some weeks. And probably a couple of headaches too.

So what can BellPepper Portfolio
do for you?

By registering with BellPepper, you will have access to your personalised BellPepper Portfolio manager. 

There, you will be able to: 

  • Understand your investment returns at any given time - for a single property or entire portfolio;​

  • Track your investment performance, and assess the impact of changes to income and costs;

  • Optimise - see how to improve returns, including when you might want to update your financing arrangements;

  • Grow - manage the search and evaluation of new properties for your portfolio. Compare properties side-by-side, and order a BellPepper Report for a personalised investment appraisal. 

No properties yet? No worries.

Image by bruce mars

Are you thinking about investing in property, but haven't made any purchases yet?


We have good news for you. You can find out if the property you have in mind is a good investment for you within BellPepper Portfolio. Register to find out if the property you have in mind is the right investment at the right price.

Start today to manage and evaluate all your properties in one place. Understand how they perform and get the best possible profit based on your strategy. Go to BellPepper Portfolio and add your existing properties, as well as those you have in mind. These are your next steps to growing as a property investor.

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