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Our story

BellPepper was created by Donovan and Johan, two entrepreneurs with extensive investing experience. After spending some time in the sector, we noticed time and time again that many overseas investors were not assisted to make the best decisions: some were shown overpriced properties, others properties that didn't fit with their investment objectives. This was especially surprising considering that in the UK there is a wealth of available data to help people make the best decision, without having to spend weeks and months analysing data and looking at alternatives. 

This is why BellPepper was born; from the desire to help every client make intelligent property investments, now and in the future. For this reason, we developed our independent service, drawing upon both our experience and the wealth of property data available in the UK. 

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How do we help you

to make the right decision?

We have developed different tools to: 

  • Assess and manage existing property investments; 

  • Optimise their financial performance; 

  • Make the best decisions on potential new property purchases. 

The unique BellPepper approach: 

  • Personalisation - We provide you with a personalised solution by reviewing potential investments against your investment strategy, calculating your BellPepper Investment Score (BIS) - one size does not fit all. 

  • Consultation - We are focused on your individual needs, so we provide you one-on-one support via our consultation calls together with our easy-to understand report. 

In a nutshell, data-driven solutions with a human touch

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