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Want to know where do you start when searching for an investment property?


With so many areas and property types, how do you know where is best? 

Location Spy is all you need to know more about an area, from typical prices, what people earn in the area, and how much you could make from rent and capital gain.

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Do you know that the best investors don't concentrate only in one geographical area. Even if you've identified a 'hotspot', would you know which part of the location is best?


Location Spy can help you ​discover the hidden gems, know how your area is performing and ​what other areas you should consider for your next investment.​

Location Spy - what do I get?


A fast, free report delivered straight to your inbox.


Personalised to your location. Choose only the areas that you are interested in.


Grow  a database of areas you're interested in with all reports stored in your personal dashboard.

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A look inside -
what you can learn


> Area overview - get the scoop on what the makes the location a good investment 

> Estimated renovation costs - for those thinking about a refurbishment investment

> Median Sales price and Median rent - average sales and rental levels

> Net gain after 5 years - based on independent forecasts, how much could you gain if you sold a new investment in 5 years time?

> Return on investment - how much can you earn as a return? Compare to other investment opportunities, not just within property

> Median income - what are people earning? High wage areas are one indication of a thriving economy - which is supportive for rental demand

> 12-month change - what has happened to prices in this postcode district?


> Gross yields - compare the potential rental profits (before costs) between different properties

> Premium Report Discounts - available after ordering your first Location Spy report

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