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What is your BellPepper Score?

Understanding your property investments can be a complicated affair. There are many reasons you might choose to invest in property – whether in search of rental income, capital growth or diversification of investments – but navigating the numbers and avoiding the pitfalls can cause a few headaches.

Whilst many see property as an alternative investment opportunity that can give them the returns they want, understanding what is going on, and making the best decisions going forward, can be hard work.

In steps BellPepper Investments…

What is the BellPepper Score?

Using the BellPepper Investment software can help to make understanding your property investments that little bit easier. Inputting your current and/or future property portfolio into the system can create an easier-to-understand BellPepper Score.

Your overall score will take into account how it will financially perform, the demographics and location, current supply and demand, pricing, rental yields, profitability on investments, and what your current strategy means.

The final number is unique to BellPepper, and most importantly unique to you. This is your personal number based on your information, and knowing your individual BellPepper Score can set you on the right property investment path.

What does my BellPepper Score mean?

Simply put, the higher the final BellPepper Score, the better the investment portfolio is performing – or will perform if considering a new investment or strategy.

If you have a low BellPepper score, there are still a number of things that can be done to turn things around. Maybe taking on a new strategy, finding a property at a lower price, or changing the type of property you are considering can all change the final number.

Taking into account all these different elements and condensing them down into your overall BellPepper Score can give you an easy to understand snapshot, but when it comes to taking the next step, BellPepper is on hand to discuss your options.

How can I get my BellPepper Score?

Whilst our free reports can provide you with some basic category numbers, your full BellPepper Score is only available with our Premium Reporting service.

This personalised investment appraisal enables you to not only have a full view of your current property portfolio, but can help you compare properties to add to your portfolio and help you to optimise your returns and financial arrangements.

Click here to find out more and get your BellPepper Score today.

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